Julian, California
My wife Jennifer and I spent a few days in Julian, California, in October 2010. A small mountain town once known for gold mining, its 1,500 citizens make their main living from tourism and growing apples. We toured an old gold mine while we were there.
Julian_CA_10_2010_010 Julian_CA_10_2010_012 Julian_CA_10_2010_013 Julian_CA_10_2010_014 Julian_CA_10_2010_14
The mystic arts are alive and well in Julian
Julian_CA_10_2010_015 Julian_CA_10_2010_016
This and the next four shots are our hotel.
Pleasant plact to read in the evening.
Julian_CA_10_2010_018 Julian_CA_10_2010_019
The rooms are very tiny but comfortable.
Julian_CA_10_2010_030 Julian_CA_10_2010_031 Julian_CA_10_2010_032 Julian_CA_10_2010_034
Julian_CA_10_2010_035 Julian_CA_10_2010_036
Three young woman walking along the creek bed were kind enough to take our picture.
Julian_CA_10_2010_037 Julian_CA_10_2010_038 Julian_CA_10_2010_040
Our gold mine tour begins.
Julian_CA_10_2010_041 Julian_CA_10_2010_042 Julian_CA_10_2010_044 Julian_CA_10_2010_045 Julian_CA_10_2010_046
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