The Shaggy Man is a wanderer, originally from Kansas



The Shaggy Man first appears in Kansas in 1909. Already old, he asks Dorothy Gale the way to Butterfield. He wants to know, really, in order to avoid the place, as he has something he doesn't want to return to a person who lives there. His clothes are raggedy and he has been on the road a long time.

After many adventures he, Dorothy, and the perenially lost boy Button-Bright end up in the land of Oz, a good place for a wanderer. Shaggy, as his friends call him, becomes a member of Ozma's circle, where he is the most technically minded. When Oz is hidden by a spell of invisibility behind the Deadly Desert, it is the Shaggy Man who develops a wireless telegraph, which he uses to continue to tell the outside world about doings in the magical kingdom. To the best of our knowledge he lives there still.

This website is named for him and tries to carry on in his spirit. 

--Leslie Evans
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